Who We Are: The People Behind Property Assistant…. Miriam Sheridan

In the last of our series focusing on those individuals that help provide the professional service we offer here at Property Assistant, we wanted to introduce you to someone who makes a huge difference to our listings.

In a busy world, images are an important way to communicate with potential buyers and photographs can offer that all important first impression. That’s why we always use a professional photographer and our very proud of the partnership we have with someone who we think you’ll agree is one of the best.

Oh, and all of the images used in this piece are examples of Miriam’s work. Told you she was good!

Miriam Sheridan, Photographer

A specialist property photography providing exceptional images for estate agents, architects, interior designers and other businesses, Miriam provides all of the photos for our listed properties. She is one of those people that have a gift for design and she is able to help stage a room to make it look its best and the capture some stunning, and creative, images.

Miriam started her photography business in 2011 in Western Australia where she was living with her husband. She gained a lot of experience particular in the property market and brought this to bear when she moved back to the UK a few years later. As well as photographing houses, Miriam also teaches photography. You can find out more about her courses by visiting her website.

When it comes to the service she provides Property Assistant, we (and our clients) are always thrilled with the results of her shoots. In fact, we know that it is her images that can sometimes make the difference between a house that isn’t sell and one that does. Part of this is down to her professional work on a shoot but some of the magic happens during an edit when she turns her hand to some wizardry with Photoshop.

We were able to catch up with a very busy Miriam to get some answers to our regular set of questions.

Tell us a little about what your job entails.

I shoot for premium estate agents as well as interior designers and architects. Day to day, I charge all my gear’s batteries, clean it, load it into the car, and drive to a shoot. I always do a tour of the house first so that I can gauge how many shots will be needed and ensure that I don’t miss any rooms! A shoot takes on average 2 – 2.5 hours, I use off-camera lighting and don’t hesitate to move items as necessary to ensure that the property is presented well and that the images are balanced. If I can, I return home for lunch, but sometimes eat a packed lunch in my car between shoots. First shoot is 10am, second shoot is 2pm. If I don’t have a shoot on, I’m generally editing photos – it takes about 2.5 hours to edit the photos from a shoot, or more if I’m swapping in blue skies, putting fires in fireplaces, adding artwork, greening up the grass etc in Photoshop.

What did you do yesterday?

I started out with an early morning yoga practice in the garden, then I walked my dog, then once at my desk I spent all morning responding to emails, reviewing virtual staging images from my virtual staging guru, providing quotes, scheduling in photoshoots, responding to social media comments etc. Then in the afternoon I did a photoshoot in Newbury.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

Finding time to do the videography course that I’ve enrolled on!

What kind of problems do you face on a day-to-day basis?

Finding houses that only have house names, no house number! I’ve got used to crawling along roads reading the house names and annoying anybody being me. Parking can also be a pain, particularly if I’m shooting in a city centre, as I can’t park on the driveway for the exterior shots.

What’s it like to work for Property Assistant?

Property Assistant were one of my first regular clients so we’ve got a long-standing relationship. They always help me during the shoot, moving items out of the way (sometimes a bigger job than you might think!) and making sure that I have everything I need. They’re friendly and respectful and I really enjoy working with them. Also, they always pay my invoices promptly!

If you weren’t working in your current job, what would be your dream career?

This is my dream career…! I also quite fancy doing up properties and selling them on, I do love a do-er upper project (what can I say, I love houses!).

What would be your ideal home and where would this be?

My husband and I have drawn up rough plans of our dream house – it has a dual height living area with tall windows and a mezzanine, open plan layout and a double sink in the ensuite! We would love to build our own house one day (potentially more than once!). I loved living by the ocean in Australia and would love to live by the sea again (or a lake would do!). If I had my choice of country… living along the French or Spanish Mediterranean coastline would be pretty cool.

If you won the lottery jackpot, after a house, what would be your first big purchase?

Another house! Like I mentioned I fancy buying properties, doing them up and selling them on, but to do that you need some capital to get you started.

What’s your guilty pleasure in life?

Homes Under the Hammer!!

What do you do to unwind after a stressful day?

Walk my dog or go for a drink with my husband

What five words would your best friend use to describe you?

I don’t know, and I can’t ask her because she’s gone travelling around Europe in a van indefinitely. I think she thinks I’m quite practical and organised… but everything’s relative!

What is the most important thing in life?


Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?

I gave up on predicting the future many years ago! 10 years ago I was living in Nottingham organising language courses abroad. I thought that in 10 years’ time my husband and I would still be living there, with a couple of kids, and I’d still be organising language courses abroad. I could never have guessed that we would move to Australia (‘for two years’ – we stayed five years), that I would launch a photography business and ride in enormous machinery on mine sites taking photographs or go up in 2-seater planes over the outback to take photographs, or that I would have a studio and a gallery, or that I would try photographing houses and discover that I love it, or that we’d move to Berkshire and I’d be a property photographer! Life is a joyride, laugh and go with the flow!