what does it take to make a great estate agent

What Does It Take To Be A Great Estate Agent?

Property buyers and sellers in the Wokingham area are spoiled for choice when it comes to estate agents and the town is home to no fewer than 16 companies all vying for the same business. So, what sets a great estate agent apart from the rest and why do we think that Property Assistant fits this bill?

Approach about your search for an estate agent the same way you would if you were appointing anyone for a role in any business. With this feature guide, we give you the key things to look for so you can narrow down your choices and make the best decision on who to partner with to buy, or sell, your home with.

They Should Be Knowledgeable

First out of the stalls is knowledge. It’s a must have quality in any professional you employ and your estate agent is no different. They should have a clear understanding of the local area, property prices and the processes or marketing, advertising, negotiating and other aspects of handling a property purchase.

You can read our guide on how to interview an estate agent to find out what questions you should ask to assess their knowledge but, if in doubt, always get recommendations and ask for testimonials. A good estate agent will be able to have these on hand to provide to you.

They Must Be Honest and Principled

Integrity is a key trait to look for in anyone you have a working relationship with and your estate agent should be able to demonstrate that they work to a high standard of ethical practice.

Consider very carefully how they talk about other agents in their industry and the way they approach matters such as client confidentiality and privacy. Not only should they be able to prove compliance with legislation such as the Data Protection Act but they should also satisfy you that they will handle your property matters confidentially.

Above all they should show professionalism at all times.

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They Should Show Great Attention to Detail

The best presented and competitively priced homes will always sell in a buoyant market and shifting volume is no indicator of a job well done. It is with those properties that demand greater skills in marketing and presenting that are what separate a great agent from one who can simply accept offers.

Ask your estate agent about those houses that required a little extra to secure a sale against and find out what they did to make this happen. Attention to detail during the collection of sale particulars and preparing photographs can all help secure a better selling price.

It is also during the after-sales service that this level of professionalism can also prove beneficial. An estate agent who is diligent with their paperwork can help keep a chain moving and prevent delays in the completion of contracts.

They Must Have a Likeable Personality

We all know that it’s easier to work with someone if you like them and they have an engaging personality but this transfers to the job that they do on your behalf. At the end of the day, an estate agent doesn’t just sell property, they sell themselves and buyers respond to personable people. If they show interest in you, your family and your home then the chances are that this will also be demonstrated to potential buyers and, hopefully, make them trust your salesman.

They Should Be Tenacious With A Little Hustle

A great estate agent should have a great work ethic and show a tenacity to get the job done. This translates well for the job they are required to do for you in chasing up leads, setting up viewings and keeping all parties on track when it comes to the exchange process.

They should be prepared to do whatever is necessary to get your house sold and the keys exchanged on time.

They Must Be Problem Solvers

Selling and buying a house is a big adventure that is exciting but not without some potential pitfalls along the way. Your estate agent shouldn’t be pedalling a narrative of doom and gloom but they should be astute at handling those bumps in the road on your behalf to give you a smooth journey on your way to a new home.

They Should Be Interested in Houses and Property

Anyone who works in the estate agency industry should have a real and genuine interest in the houses they are working with.

This should be apparent when your estate agent talks about any property and it can help to show buyers another way to view your home. An agent with a true interest in the product they are selling has a huge advantage over one who doesn’t.

They Should be Self-Motivated

A great estate agent is a dynamic estate agent and they should be pro-active, driven and ambitious; not just for themselves and their company, but for their clients. They should be motivated not by the commission that your sale represents but by seeing out a job well done.

They Should Have a Great Network of Connections

As a personable character who is interested in the industry and who works hard to keep up to speed with local news and property information, it is only natural that a good estate agent builds up a network of useful connections along the way.

From other agents and brokers to financial advisors, surveyors and property professionals, your estate agent should be well regarded by their peers and be able to call on support from a wide range of people.

Take a look at the LinkedIn profile of your estate agent and see how many professional connections they have in their industry and how many people recommend their services.

They Should Have a Genuine Love of the Job

It goes without saying that someone who loves their work has most of the qualities already listed above; they’ll be motivated, have an interest in property and have a desire to do well. This will shine in their personality and buyers can’t help but be infected by this kind of enthusiasm and energy.

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Property Assistant: A Great Estate Agency

We like to think that we pass all of the above tests with flying colours and have the testimonials  to prove it. If you’d like to know more from our satisfied customers or want to enquire about using our services for the next step in your property adventure then gives us call today on 0118 912 2370; we’d love to hear from you.