Who We Are: The People Behind Property Assistant…. Julie Lawry

There’s a beautiful quote by a famous Japanese writer that states ‘Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.’ It aptly demonstrates the sentiment behind our recent series of Friday blog posts that highlights the importance to us of the team we have gathered.

The success of Property Assistant over the last (almost) five years is due to the people that power its services and this week we’d like to celebrate a very important person in that team.

Julie Lawry, Co-Owner of Property Assistant

Co-founded by Julie and her husband, Daniel, family has always been at the heart of Property Assistant’s ethos. What that means to us is creating and fostering a sense of loyalty, trust and support for the people that we work with and for; it’s what drives the day-to-day business and provides the motivation for our success. Julie’s commitment to this drive is a real pleasure to work around and we know that our clients feel valued because of her care and commitment. She is immensely generous with her time and she dedicates an enormous amount of personal energy to solving problems for clients; it’s one of her best qualities.

She is an energetic and bubbly person who has a true love for the job she does and gets a real kick out of those moments when she and the business satisfy another client.

Julie’s background is in management and research within the food and pharmaceutical industry. She has worked as a section manager for the Microbiology department of Waitrose and as a Research Assistant for the global biotech company, Syngenta. Until setting up Property Assistant in 2014, she was a Test Centre Manager with the Driver and Vehicles Standard Agency.

She brings much needed organisation skills to the team and she is particularly effective at managing our lettings business; communicating with landlords, tenants and the various services that are needed to deliver our managed rental properties.

One of Julie’s best qualities is her modesty and she is unassuming about the importance of her role….it may be why has taken over two months to get her to sit down and answer our questions. Daniel was finally able to pin her down so we could give her the credit she thoroughly deserves….

Tell us about what your job entails.

General Sales and Lettings administration, helping develop and grow the business through networking and generally keeping Daniel and Daryl in order and I sometimes make the tea!

What did you do yesterday?

Attended a photoshoot of our latest sales listing with our professional photographer, liaised with our Landlords and Tenants on our latest tenancies that have started to make sure all are settled in, met with a fellow business owner about networking opportunities, attended a rental appraisal with Daniel, carried out a quarterly inspection of a rental property, interspersed with calls, admin and emails.

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

Managing Tenants expectations of general maintenance repairs and not letting my son and husband delegate further work on me.

What kind of challenges do you face on a day-to-day basis?

Finding new clients to help with their property requirements.

What’s it like to work for Property Assistant?

Hard work, yet enjoyable and very satisfying, especially pleasing when we create solutions to our client’s property problems.

If you weren’t working in your current job, what would be your dream career?

Mystery shopper for the hotel industry or wine taster 🙂

What would be your ideal home and where would this be?

We moved into our dream home in March this year and are enjoying making it our own. It could only be improved upon if I was able to pick it up and move it close to Wokingham town centre.

If you won the lottery jackpot, after a house, what would be your first big purchase?

A long holiday, somewhere hot.

What’s your guilty pleasure in life?

Nirvana Spa, I couldn’t be without my membership

What do you do to unwind after a stressful day?

Cuddling up on the sofa in front of the log burner watching a juicy crime drama with my husband Daniel.

What five words would your best friend use to describe you?

I actually asked him about this and this is what he said…”Organised, caring, loyal, kind and thoughtful”.

What kind of a child do you think you were in school?

The chatty, giggly one

What is the most important thing in life to you?

That’s an easy one – Family – (husband Daniel, children Daryl & Jenna, their respective partners Ritchard and Sarah, our 4 grandchildren, Riley, Evie, Michael and Freddie and father in law Peter) I would like to add a disclaimer to say this list is not necessarily in order of preference! 😂

Where do you see yourself in ten years’ time?

Retired on a sandy beach somewhere with a  glass of wine or a cocktail in hand.