Handy Household Hints

Home Life Hack #1:

Lift furniture marks from carpets by using an ice cube

life hacks for your home

Home Life Hack #2:

Remove difficult scuff marks from walls and floors by using WD40. Even lifts tar!


Home Life Hack #3:

Want a cheap and safe way to clean your oven? Fill an oven-safe bowl with water and leave for 30 minutes on high setting. The steam will loosen dirt and grime. Wait to cool before cleaning.

Home Life Hack #4:

Sprinkle your hob with Bicarbonate of Soda and spray with vinegar. Watch it foam and then wipe away the grease.

life hacks for your home

Home Life Hack #5:

White water rings on your furniture? Mix a paste of salt and olive oil and apply to the stain for an hour, wipe away and buff.

life hacks for your home

Home Life Hack #6:

De-scale your shower head with vinegar. Remove the head and place in a plastic bag filled with enough vinegar to cover the head. Leave overnight.

life hacks for your home

Home Life Hack #7:

Hardwater rings in your toilet bowl? Leave a cup of white vinegar overnight or drop a couple of denture tablets in.

life hacks for your home

Home Life Hack #8:

Remove oil spots from a concrete driveway using WD40. Spray liberally and then blot with kitchen paper or an old rag.

Home Life Hack #9:

Remove finger marks from walls and doors by rubbing with a slice of white bread. If you spray starch on afterwards, it should prevent this from reoccurring.

life hacks for your home

Home Life Hack #10:

Clean your bathroom mirror with shaving foam, it will help keep it defogged after showers.

Home Life Hack #11:

Keep your iron sparkling clean by running it over salt sprinkled on the board. Use a medium setting and all residue will come off in a couple of passes.

Home Life Hack #12:

Need to clean fiddly bottles? Put a handful of uncooked rice in with a touch of washing up liquid and a little water. Shake vigorously and rinse to reach those difficult areas.

Home Life Hack #13:

Refresh your mattress with this spirited trick. Mix some water and a couple of shots of vodka and spray on the surface before allowing to air-dry. The alcohol kills odour producing bacteria.

Home Life Hack #14:

De-scale your kettle by using Coca Cola. The phosphoric acid does the same job as expensive chemical alternatives.

Home Life Hack #15:

Houseplants can be very attractive but can often get very dusty leaves. Try using a banana skin to wipe them down. The inside is non-toxic to your plants and will lift the dust right off.

Home Life Hack #16:

To clean grubby marks and fingerprints from your stainless steel appliances, try using some baby oil on a soft lint free cloth. Far less expensive than specialist cleaning products and should leave a nice shine behind.

Home Life Hack #17:

Instead of expensive air-fresheners, try adding a cinnamon stick to your vacuum cleaner. This works best with a traditional vacuum that has a bag. With bagless appliances, try sprinkling some orange blossom essence (or similar) onto a sheet of kitchen roll and then shred this up. By vacuuming this up, the scent will aromatise the room as you clean.

Home Life Hack #18:

Do you find yourself fighting with cling film ever time you want to wrap something up? Keep it in the fridge. Many people find it easier to work with when it is cold.

Home Life Hack #19:

A topical hint which coincides with the launch of Wokingham Borough Council’s new initiative to get us to recycle our food waste. Whilst the scheme is an excellent idea, we know that many residents have their concerns over both the counter-top caddy and the external bins.
To stop the counter top bin from smelling (particularly when the warm weather finally gets here), you could always keep a spare bag in the freezer and add food to this instead. It will stop the waste from going off and, if you have the freezer room, is very easy to do.
As for the external bins…make sure you ALWAYS leave them in the locked position to keep rats and foxes out and, if you can, keep them off the ground too.

Home Life Hack #20:

Blenders, food processors and hand mixers can all get very mucky but are so awkward to clean. So, why not let them clean themselves? Instead of washing them out by hand why not add some water and a little washing up liquid and then turn them on. Don’t forget to make sure the lid is on and go easy on the soap suds!

Home Life Hack #21:

In this spring time weather, the rain is always an issue so, if your shoes get wet you can dry them out much faster by stuffing them with crumpled up newspaper.

Home Life Hack #22:

A great tip for making water last longer when you are mopping your floors. Use two buckets instead of one. One should be used for clean soapy water and the other should be empty for wringing the mop out in.

Home Life Hack #23:

Smelly kitchen rubbish bin? Even with regular cleaning, the day-to-day smell of waste can start to pong. Next time you change the liner, add a tumble dryer sheet to the bottom. The sheet helps absorb the smell and any excess moisture.

Home Life Hack #24:

Place a few sheets of newspaper in the vegetable drawer of your fridge to prevent any excess moisture, leaking and even odours.

Home Life Hack #25:

When doing the laundry, put your socks, tights and underwear inside different pillowcases, it prevents your smalls from getting tangled and the socks stay together.

Home Life Hack #26:

Keep your cutting boards clean with a little salt and half a lemon. A quick scrub should eliminate even tough grime but lemon also has powerful antibacterial properties.

Home Life Hack #27:

If you have any greasy stains on your carpet then sprinkle with baking soda and leave overnight. The baking soda should absorb the grease and can be vacuumed up the following day. Tough spots may need a repeat application.

Home Life Hack #28:

The summer is tantalisingly close so now is the time to give your garden furniture a quick clean.  You COULD use an expensive solution or power spray but washing-up liquid mixed with some warm water does a great job at degreasing surfaces. Rinse with a hose and you’re set to go.

Home Life Hack #29:

If you go to the gym or are an avid jogger then you will know how quickly your trainers can start to get smelly. There’s no need to buy expensive and wasteful deodorising shoe liners, just sprinkle some bicarbonate of soda into your shoes each time you use them. By absorbing the excess moisture, this can also help prevent the occurrence of athlete’s foot.

Home Life Hack #30:

If you are short of time when drying your laundry, throw a dry bath towel into the tumble dryer and the whole load should dry a lot faster!

Home Life Hack #31:

If you have squeaking wooden floorboards then this hint may help grant you the gift of silence. Pour baby powder onto the area of floor that is squeaking and sweep it into the cracks. The small mineral grains find their way into the tiny gaps and prevent friction from causing a squeak when you walk.

Home Life Hack #32:

Kitchen cabinets, particularly around the hob and stove top, can become quite greasy over time. Make up a solution of washing up liquid and warm water to spray them down before wiping with a damp but well-wrung cloth.

Home Life Hack #33:

For a quick and inexpensive way to clean silver, use a dab of toothpaste on a damp cloth. Rub it in well, rinse and dry before polishing it up to a shine.

Home Life Hack #34:

If you’ve ever had to throw clothes away due to grease stains then try this trick next time you spill something on our shirt. Rub some washing up liquid deep into the grease and rinse with clean cold water. It’s a gentle but effective treatment  than you can use on most fabrics including silk and wool.

Home Life Hack #35:

Lint rollers are great for more than just giving your clothes a quick tidy up; keep one in the car to give your seats a clean. It even gets into the nooks, crannies and crevices to keep the interior tidy. You can also use them to give your soft furnishings a quick once over; particularly useful if you have pets.

Home Life Hack #36:

Got a kitchen sink that is draining slowly? Before you resort to a plumber or toxic chemicals to shift it, try this quick trick. Pour a cup of baking soda carefully down the drain followed by a cup of white vinegar and cover immediately with a cloth (the resulting mix WILL fizz up!). Now boil the kettle and, after five minutes, pour boiling hot water down the sink.

Home Life Hack #37:

If you have wooden floors (or even furniture) then it can be obvious when the wood has a ‘nick’ in it. A quick, easy and cheap way to mask these nicks is to rub the area with a walnut (shell removed).

Home Life Hack #38:

Always iron shirts and other garments when they are straight out of the washing machine. The moisture helps to get rid of creases. This is particularly useful for clothes made of linen or other tricky fabrics.

Home Life Hack #39:

WD40 (along with bicarb of soda) is a great solution to have around the house and can be used in a huge number of ways from DIY jobs to cleaning but did you know that it can also be used to help deal with pests? Spraying WD40 in those holes, eaves and gutters where wasps tend to nest can prevent them from returning.

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