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The Importance of Buying Local When it Comes to Choosing an Estate Agent

We all know that buying food locally is good for the planet, great for the local economy and helps create more sustainable, healthier and happier communities. There is lots of truth in this when it comes to sourcing any kind of services and products from the local area, including your estate agents.

Here, we take a look at the benefits of using property experts with a local touch when it comes to buying or selling a home.

Local Knowledge

When selling a property for a client, the most important part of an estate agent’s job is to provide the following services:

  • Price the home
  • Market the home
  • Perform viewings
  • Secure a buyer
  • Manage the chain

All of these elements of the job are enhanced if your estate agent has good local knowledge.


When pricing a home, there are many factors that influence the figure that you can expect to achieve. Getting an accurate property valuation is all about analysing recent sales and market trends for a specific area, comparing similar properties and understanding those local factors that can affect the value of a home.

Likewise, when it comes to marketing a property, having a good understanding of the local area means being able to enhance the way it is listed. By utilising those features that are known to be attractive to the kinds of people your home should be marketed at, an estate agent can target buyers more effectively.

Crucially, when it comes to showing buyers around your property, an estate agent should have all the answers to their questions on hand. Only an estate agent with a good grasp of the local area can talk authoritatively about the local community with confidence. From schools and public transport to shopping facilities and commuter routes, potential buyers appreciate having their questions answered on the spot. This can all help secure that sale more efficiently.

Lastly, when it comes to managing the chain, a local estate agent is close to hand so is readily available face-to-face (when needed) to help you get things moving.

Building Networks

Local businesses are the backbone of local communities and together they create large and diverse networks.

Local estate agents are no different to artisan bakers, independent tailors and small family-run hardware stores. Here at Property Assistant, we pride ourselves on taking an active interest in our local area and supporting community events and promoting local businesses every month in our regular Thames Valley Area Guides.


Our Area Guides give a snapshot of the detail in a specific area.

We see a large part of our role as providing support to new families moving to the area and are always looking for ways to add value to the services that we offer our clients.

The fact is that small local businesses are more likely to use the services of other small local businesses and, in doing so, this can help support employment in the area plus the local economy. Which, quite nicely, brings us to our next point….

Supporting Local Businesses

A study conducted by local authorities on spending shows that for every £1 spent with a small or medium sized business that 63p stays within the local economy. By comparison, larger businesses only contribute around 40p to the local economy.

Left unsupported, local businesses can quickly be replaced by large, and sometimes faceless, organisations, that can deprive communities of the other benefits we’ve outlined in this article.

Although smaller in size than some nationwide companies, local estate agents like Property Assistant can offer all the benefits of a larger organisation by being part of the global Keller Williams network.

Their effective and highly unique business model means that each one of their 170,000 agents worldwide run independent and locally-driven businesses but, crucially, can rely on the support and training of a much larger infrastructure.

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Property Assistant: Your Local Estate Agency

A family-run business, Property Assistant is a Wokingham-based estate agency with a difference. Having lived and worked in the area all his life, Daniel Lawry is a professional estate agent with thirty years’ experience. His wife, Julie, comes from a management background and is highly skilled in logistics and communications and has a passion for property. Their son, Daryl, also grew up in the area and has worked as an estate agent for the last five years bringing the dedication, focus and attention to detail that he learned in the British Army to the business.

Together, we offer clients a personal but professional service with a huge focus on family-life and making sure that all of our clients find a house they can call home.

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