should you do your own viewings

Should You Conduct Your Own Viewings?

Conducting your own viewings is becoming increasingly more common in the property market. Whether you are marketing your own home, using an online agency or are just open to the idea of showing potential buyers around your property, we look at the pros and cons. We also give you some tips about how to conduct your own viewings safely.

Conduct Your Own Viewings: Pros

The principle reason that makes conducting your own viewings a benefit is that you are the most knowledgeable person about your home. Not only can you answer any questions that potential buyers might have about the property but you also know the local area. From questions about school catchments, local bus services and facilities through to neighbours, parking and planning consents, you will have the information readily available.

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A lot of people like the idea of showing their own home but are you prepared for all the questions? Image via Flickr.

If you are asked a question during a viewing then you should always answer it as honestly and as accurately as possible. It is a criminal offence to mislead buyers about important factors during the sale of your home.

The other major benefit of being available to meet buyers yourself is the availability and flexibility that you can offer which might not otherwise be available, Most good agents will try to accommodate the times requested by potential buyers but with a busy schedule or a clash of timings, may not always be able to do so.

Conduct Your Own Viewings: Cons

The most obvious downside of conducting your own viewings is the fact that you have to deal with your buyers direct. Whilst you may very well be the best person to conduct a tour of your home, not everyone feels comfortable doing so. Estate agents are used to dealing with strangers and are well-practiced and knowing when to let the property speak for itself and when to interject with useful information.

Some people do not feel safe conducting their own viewings and would prefer a professional to take responsibility for receiving visitors as well as pre-screening potential buyers.

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Not everyone feels comfortable inviting strangers into their home. Image via Flickr.

Professional estate agents are well-practiced at conducting property viewings and will understand the best way to prepare a tour that shows your home off to its best. They will also use the time with buyers to get a feel for what elements of the home are working and those that might be off-putting. If you undertake all of your own viewings then you may not get important feedback and advice.

Whilst it can seem like fun to undertake the viewings yourself, it can take up a lot of your time and the appointments might not always be at the most convenient of times. If you are busy and need to get away then this can negatively effect the quality of the viewing itself. Rushed buyers will feel harassed and may leave before really appreciating your home.

Tips About Hosting Your Own Viewings

If you are not using an agent to sell your home then it is essential that you approach viewings with caution in order to stay safe.

  • Always secure information about the person/people who are attending a viewing. Get some personal information from them such as full name, current address and a contact telephone number. It is also useful to establish their current position in terms of moving status. Screening prospective buyers will help give you useful information if they are interested in your property but is also a safety measure.
  • Give the house a clean before your appointments and try to give it an air by opening some windows.
  • Make sure you advise someone else that you are hosting a viewing or, better still, have someone with you when your prospective buyers turn up. However, it is usually best if you do not have a whole house full of people. Buyers can feel like they are interrupting family time and not be inclined to spend as long viewing your home.
  • Where possible, you should conduct your own viewings during daylight hours; most buyers prefer to see a property when it is light.
  • Keep valuables and sensitive personal information out of sight. Whilst nobody likes to believe that people would take advantage of you in your home and being distrustful is not a comfortable position to start a viewing from, it is sensible to keep valuables and things like bank statements hidden from away.
  • Always secure your property after a viewing, in the unlikely instance that a prospective buyer is a potential burglar then you would be advised to ensure that all windows and doors are locked after they have left. Even check those points of entry that you may not have unlocked.
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It’s a sensible idea to keep valuables safely hidden away. Image via Pixabay,

If you are hosting your own viewings then you should always make sure that interested parties know what to do after the viewing is over. If you are using an estate agent, then you should refer them to your contact there. You should also contact your agent yourself and let them know that the potential buyers turned up and how the viewing went.

Based in Winnersh, Property Assistant provides a comprehensive home sale package across the Thames Valley which includes a full hosting service. We go to great lengths to accommodate the demands of our sellers to ensure that your home gets the maximum exposure to quality buyers. We are happy to work with vendors who want to conduct their own viewings as well as arrange open days.

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