2018 on a budget

New Year, Better You: 2018 on a Budget

Want (or need) to start 2018 on a budget?

January is always a long month; after the expense and over-indulgence of Christmas and the New Year, most of us are looking ahead for the next pay cheque. However, austerity doesn’t have to be a necessity as we look to ways that you can save money in 2018. Maybe you can treat yourself to a big holiday on the savings or just build that nest egg you need for a deposit on a new home?

Here’s a few tips to help get 2018 on a budget:

Shop Online for Groceries

It may cost you a delivery fee of a few extra pounds but shopping online not only saves you time but it forces you to plan ahead and stops any impulse purchases. By planning family meals and buying only what you need, it is estimated that you could reduce food waste (and money) by up to 30%.

Shop Around for Financials

We all have what we believe to be fixed overheads like utilities, mobile bills, insurance and broadband. In a competitive market you will find that all of these bills could be reduced by shopping around. Use an online comparison tool to assess the benefits of switching suppliers for your gas, electricity, broadband and insurance. Set aside an afternoon to go through every account and commit to a change. The average family could see annual savings of over £1000 which will certainly help put 2018 on a budget.

2018 on budget

Don’t let bills eat into your finances, put 2018 on a budget. Image via Pixabay.

Check Your Council Tax Banding

Did you know that as many as a quarter of a million homes in the UK are paying the wrong rate of council tax?

In 1991, when the new council tax system was put in placed the Government engaged teams of local estate agents to put a value on every home in the UK. It was a big job and it needed doing to a very tight deadline; the result was that many homes were ‘valued’ without reasonable understanding of exactly what the house comprised of. A street with twenty terraced houses were all valued at the same banding, yet the agent wouldn’t be aware if the one in the middle was a two bedroom house and not a three.

To find out whether you could challenge your council tax, check our blog for further information.

Move Your Credit Card Balance

If you have amassed a large debt on your credit cards over Christmas then consider the zero interest credit cards available where you can transfer a balance. This is not a long-term solution but will save you money on interest charges whilst you pay off the balance.

2018 On a Budget

If you need to start 2018 on a budget because you are thinking of buying a new house, then you might want to check out our guide to improving your mortgage score.

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