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New Year, New You: Sticking To Your Resolutions

There are no surprises when recent polls revealed the most common new year’s resolutions for 2018. At the top of the list are the perennial favourites; exercise more, lose weight and eat healthier. Joint 4th is learning a new skill or taking up a hobby with spending more time with family and quitting alcohol or smoking following closely behind.

The initial momentum of the New Year can make sticking to these resolutions easy at first but how do we maintain our resolve?

Making the Change a Habit.

Just as bad habits are easy to pick up, good ones are also easy to form. Research has shown that repetition in behaviour over just 66 days is enough to create a new habit. Committing to a permanent change can be hard but focusing on getting over the first 66 days could just provide enough motivation to get through. Give yourself permission to drop the new lifestyle after 66 days and by the time you reach this milestone, you should find that it is harder to break your resolution than to keep it.

Don’t Go It Alone

Research has shown that people are far more likely to stick to their resolutions with the support of their family and friends. If you are intending on going to the gym, then get a training partner. Want to eat healthier, get your family involved. Whatever your good intentions for positive change in 2018, doing it with some support will help you achieve your goals.

gym buddy

Get a gym buddy or a quit partner to help you stick to your guns. Image via Pixabay.

Set Your Eyes on the Prize

We all have individual reasons for making a new year’s resolution and it is important to remember these in order to stay motivated. This could be to shed some extra weight to keep up with a young family or to learn a new language for that summer holiday. Make a visual reminder of what you are trying to achieve and why and keep a record of your progress.

Set Achievable Goals

Many resolutions fail because we set ourselves too high a goal. Losing a stone in weight in four weeks or abstaining from alcohol totally might just be a little too much to ask If we don’t see progress quickly, we tend to lose faith in our resolve. By all means, set yourself an overall goal but break this down into achievable ones. Just remember, every journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.

New Year, New You

2018 might not just be about getting fit or quitting the booze, you might want to give your finances a makeover or be considering a change in address. Fortunately, we can offer more than just a few quick tips on both these matters. Contact Property Assistant today on 0118 912 2370 to discuss how we can help.

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