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Home Staging: Remember Why You Fell in Love with Your Home

There are lots of things to consider when selling your home and plenty of advice about the best ways to market your home, stage your property and undertake viewings.

Whether you are using an agent or selling the property yourself, we’ve found that some good practical advice is for vendors to try to recall what it was about the house they are selling that made them buy it in the first place.

For some, this could have been decades ago, at the start of a different chapter in their life like starting a family. For others, it could simply be a case of a few years but circumstances have changed.

Whatever the reasons you’re selling up, it’s a great idea to put yourself in your buyer’s shoes to try and see your home afresh so you can employ some clever home staging to create that perfect first impression.

What made you buy your home?

Cast your mind back. Try to remember that first time you viewed your existing property and summon up as many of the positive aspects that helped you make your mind up that this home was ‘the one’.

Perhaps it was a well-tended, south facing garden or a large family kitchen. Hopefully any physical aspects and features will still remain but have they stood the test of time? Is that garden now neglected and overgrown or is that kitchen full of clutter and in need of a fresh overhaul.

sell your home with staging

Try to remember what made you fall in love with your home to help buyers see what you saw. Image via Pixabay.

You might recall the way the home was laid out; clean lines and elegant furnishings offering an aspirational glimpse on another life. Maybe, it was simply a case of the house being close to the local schools.

Just remember. If your home once had the capacity to beguile you and your family then it could do the same again…it just might need some dating advice.

The Importance of Home staging

Before you have any photographs taken for your marketing material it is important to make an effort to get your house in order. Think of the photographs as if they were your house’s profile for an online dating service. To attract the best attention from interested buyers, you want to make sure your home looks its best.

Clear the clutter, keep it clean and add those finishing touches that hint at the way of life you are trying to create. Fresh fruit in the kitchen, fresh flowers in the hall or tasteful art with elegant accessories all help to create an ambience that will attract buyers.

The Power of Suggestion

Home staging should help suggest a way of life and draw buyers in to your home environment by the power of suggestion. Touches like including a bottle of wine and two glasses on a patio table or a book and blanket beside an open fire can all help to imply the kind of lifestyle your buyers can expect from your home.

staging your home

Whilst some personal effects can clutter a home, well-placed items can suggest a lifestyle. Image via Pixabay.

You don’t need to go crazy but attention to these details is like make-up; it can enhance the appeal of your home.

Getting Ready for a Viewing

Just as you wouldn’t (hopefully) go out on a first date ungroomed, unwashed and wearing dirty clothes; you should make an effort to primp and preen your home each time you have a viewing. Yes, in those first few weeks of going to market when you have lots of viewings, this can become a bit of a chore but if you want to sell your home quickly and get the best offer then it will all be worth it.

home staging

You only get one chance to make a first impression so make sure you make the best one. Image via Pixabay.

Give Relevant Information

If the reason you fell in love with your home was the convenience of local schools, transport links or special features then make sure that this information is included in the particulars of your property. Your agent, if you are using one, should be primed and prepared with all of these details so they can inform the buyers accordingly.

If you are managing the sale of your home yourself and conducting viewings, then do make sure this information is relayed but don’t beat your buyers over the head with it.

Prime All the Senses

When you are staging a viewing then don’t stop at your home just looking good; make sure it smells great and sounds great too.

Air the house, if you can, and add subtle background scents to work with your home staging. There is a reason why the smells of fresh coffee, linen and baked bread can help sell a home but the opposite is true of more rank odours like wet dog, strong cooking and damp laundry.

Think about ambience and prime your lighting to make the most of your rooms. Table lamps, feature spotlights and drawn curtains to let in natural light should all feature in your preparations.

And lastly, think about the background sounds in your home. Whilst leaving a radio on at a low volume playing classical music might help, leaving the television turned up on may not. A washing machine on full spin might spoil the effect of that warm family kitchen and a tied-up dog barking could put families off your lovely garden.

So remember, whilst you and your home may be soon parting ways, you need to make someone else fall in love with it as much as you once did.

If you’d like some further advice on how to get your home ready for market to make the most of its features, we’d love to help.

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