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How a relocation agent can save your business £000’s

Do you want to know what a relocation agent does and how they can help save your business money?

Finding and retaining the right employees is an essential part of running a successful business and for many organisations there are no barriers when it comes to employing the best candidates, even if this means offering a relocation package.

Though an expensive benefit to offer, the rewards to your business can have an immediate impact. Whether you are looking to bring new talent to your company or relocate existing employees as part of a national move, finding the right relocation partner can make a big difference. Not only with the success of the move but also to your bottom line.

employee relocation agent save money

Organising an employee relocation can cost time and money and require local knowledge. Image credit Sebastiaan ter Burg via Flickr.

What does a relocation agent actually do?

We all know how an estate agent works. When you find a property you want to buy they facilitate the smooth management of the paperwork to ensure a hassle free exchange. A good estate agent will be an essential part of the relationship between buyers and sellers and act as an intermediary with solicitors, surveyors and mortgage providers. If you have a good estate agent, buying and selling a home can be made much less stressful.

A relocation agent brings similar professionalism and knowledge to the table but, instead of taking up the mantle once you find a property, they are your first and only port of call when it comes to finding a suitable home for your employees.

Finding a house is just one (and usually the easiest) part of the process. A good relocation agent will help families to find information about an area that is unique to them whether its specialist school or specific healthcare provision, finding details of local sports clubs for the children or assessing transport links and commuter links. Effectively handling a stress free move, a relocation agent can make the process of changing location go a lot smoother.

Wokingham commuter belt london

On the main commuter belt to London, Wokingham has great transport links. Image credit Joshua Brown via Flickr.

Your relocation agent deals with the minutiae such as ensuring that your broadband is set up the moment your employee moves in to ensuring that the legal paperwork is completed accurately and filed promptly to avoid delays.

Agents may need to process paperwork for expat employees or provide assistance with a job search for a trailing spouse. Whatever it is, good agents provide a comprehensive service right up to moving day (and sometimes, beyond) to make sure that your employee’s relocation goes smoothly.

How can a relocation agent save your business money?

By outsourcing this highly-specialised service to a professional, you can benefit from the experience of an agent who knows the process in any local area.

A good relocation agent will be able to save you money on:

  • Negotiating the best price for the house purchase;
  • Providing access to a network of professionals at discount prices (removals, solicitors, surveyors and financial advisors);
  • Time and planning.

You should receive a price for relocation services with a pre-planned budget covering all aspects of the process so there are no surprise fees.

All in the planning

A good pre-plan of the whole moving process not only saves time but makes relocating an easier option for your employee and, by providing a dedicated relocation specialist, there is less chance of anything going wrong. Delays in a relocation are not only costly for the relocation aspect of your employees benefits but also your business. At worst, a breakdown in a relocation could jeopardise the whole move and cost your business that ideal job candidate.

Planning is at the heart of what a relocation agent offers and provides both your business and your employee (and their family) with security and peace of mind.

Things to ensure your relocation agents provides

When it comes to managing the process of a relocation, consistency is key and having a single point of contact to deal with for you and your employee not only ensures continuity but enables your relocation agent to match your employee to the right home and area whilst staying within budget.

Both you and your employee should be able to track every stage of the move from offer to completion, searches to removal schedule.

If you are looking to relocate not just one individual but an entire family, then a good relocation should be able to offer the support services needed to facilitate a comprehensive relocation solution.

Can they offer a service to help find suitable employment options for a spouse? Are they able to source and provide up to date and quality information on schooling? Do they understand the local area and the demands of the family being relocated?

Can they provide a professional but personal service to make sure that they find a home and not just a house?

relocation save business money

Moving house can be stressful for employees and cost businesses a lot of money. Relocation agents save everyone time, money and heartache. Image credit Alper Cugun via Flickr.

At Property Assistant, we have an in depth local knowledge of the Thames Valley and provide a unique relocation service to our clients. We believe that finding a property for your employee is not just about locating the right house but about making sure they find the right home. To find out why Property Assistant sees things differently, contact us on 0118 912 2370 to discuss your employee relocation requirements.