retirement downsizing

Downsizing in Retirement: Releasing the Golden Egg from Your Empty Nest

As homeowners approach retirement, many will be mortgage-free and residing in a property that was purchased a few decades previously as the perfect family home. However, as children fly the nest, many couples will identify with the feeling of…
downsizing your home

Things to Consider Before Downsizing

There are many reasons people may consider downsizing their home. From the obvious shrinkage of a family home with children flying the nest to a change in financial circumstances, downsizing can sometimes be viewed by many people as a negative…
declutter your home

7 Top Tips for Decluttering Your Home

Whether you are deciding to sell or downsize your property or just fancy a spring clean, decluttering your home can be a useful way to organise your belongings and regain some all-important space. In this guide, we give you some practical…
downsizing storage furniture
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Downsizing? 12 Top tips when selling furniture at auction

Thinking of downsizing and need to declutter? When you make the decision to downsize a lot of people are tempted to store their furniture in the belief that either the downsize will be temporary or that family members may well want those…