Scandi-Chic: How to Give Your Home Some Hygge

scandi chic hygge

Find out more about Scandi-Chic and how to get some hygge in to your home.

Pronounced “Hoo-gah”, hygge is a Danish (and Norwegian) word that doesn’t have a direct English translation. The closest definition is one of wholesome togetherness; a sense of being cosy and safe in good company. It describes a state of emotional and psychological wellness that has widely been interpreted over the last 12 months into many different forms.

In this guide, we look at the meaning of ‘hygge’ in the home and how you can engender this sense of contentment by introducing some scandi-Chic into your interiors.

What is Scandi-Chic?

The Scandinavians have a reputation for minimalist but functional design. Stylish and simple there is a balance between minimalism when it comes to furniture yet warmth when it comes to textures. Ikea has been successfully introducing the Western world to this style of thinking for many years and their showrooms have some good examples of this.

Scandi-Chic in the Home

There are four main principles to remember when introducing a dose of hygge to the home:

  • Less is more
  • Embrace cosy and warm
  • Just be natural
  • Light things right

Less is More

We’ve talked about simplicity and minimalism and this is an essential component to both Scandi-Chic design but also a key ingredient to hygge. Clutter is distracting and in a small home, too much ‘stuff’ or oversized furniture can decrease the amount of space for the most important part of hygge; you.

scandi chic hygge design

Less is more but don’t ignore the need for warm fabrics, great light and well chosen accessories. Image via Pixabay.

Select furniture that can be tucked away, nested or doubles as clever storage. Make sure that you have a sense of space in your home and that it feels clean.

We don’t mean that your home must have no ornaments but selecting some key accessories and more sparse decorative items will elevate the sense of space and style.

Embrace Cosy and Warm

The problem with a lot of interior design styles (particularly a minimalist one) is that if you try to replicate what you see in the pages of a magazine they can often feel quite cold. Acoustically they can also be quite harsh. Texture is a must with creating hygge and incorporating chunky knit fabric in pastel shades or monochromes will add warmth and even help with the way noise is perceived.

Creating hygge isn’t possible unless you are comfortable so adding fabric for the sake of it such as too many cushions and fashion throws is no good. Choose blankets you will use that complement the natural environment; linen, wool, leather and fur are all great combinations.

Just Be Natural

Scandi-Chic isn’t possible without an element of nature being incorporated somewhere. Whether this is real wood, the natural fabrics we’ve mentioned above or even dressing a window to make the most of a great outside view. The outside world is an essential part of the inside world and embracing this aspect in your home can elevate the feeling of warmth.

Fireplace Scandinavian Design Cast Iron Fireplace

Natural woods are great for warmth….as is a good stove! Image via MaxPixel.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you need to create a house made entirely of wood nor do you have to go traditional. White washed wood can be used in a monochrome style or you can opt for warmer tones with beech, pine or light oak modern furniture.

Light Things Right

Creating ambience and atmosphere is all about staging the right light and Scandi-Chic is no different. Getting the light right will not only help you enhance the feeling of cosy warmth but can work a little magic too.

The traditional single central pendant in a British home can be an effective way to create instant light in order to see clearly but does little to enhance the mood in a space. Instead, try adding light to areas where it is needed or where it improves the features of your rooms.

hygge scandi-chic retro lighting

Let go of the traditional pendant light and embrace some vintage feature lighting. Image via Pixabay.

Scandi-Chic lends itself well to industrial and retro as well as ultra modern fittings. Where less is more in every other aspect, bold statement lighting is a great way to add hygge to your home.

Those Scandinavians also appreciate the importance of natural light; they certainly have less of it than we do at this time of year. Don’t ignore the potential that daylight can add to a room.

Hygge in the Home

Of course, hygge is more a state of being than simply being surrounded by stylish furniture and what is right for some people will do little for others by way of creating a cost vibe. All home interiors should combine both form and function and should meet the demands of your home as well as being aesthetically pleasing.

To truly welcome hygge in the home, you should also consider these aspects of Scandinavian living:

  • Embrace the people in your life and welcome them in your home.
  • Make more room for activities and less for technology. We all love a bit of Nordic Noir but the TV shouldn’t be the focal point in any room and hide away those WiFi routers.
  • Display your warmest memories and accessorise with things that are meaningful and not simply ‘fashionable’. Sure, simplicity is to be embraced but that doesn’t mean eradicating your home of personality. Choose photographs that make you smile, ornaments that have hidden memories and accessories given by treasured friends.
  • Don’t settle for anything less than really comfortable whether this is your armchair, sofa or a cushion. Hygge can only happen once you’ve settled down with everything you need and you aren’t fighting with lumpy soft furnishings. If you only do one thing to embrace hygge then make it where you relax of an evening.
hygge in the home scandi-chic

Embrace natural light and keep things minimal but always be comfy first. Image via Public Domain Pictures.

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Featured image via Pixabay.