Clever Ways to Add Storage to Your Home for 2017

create storage around window and radiator

Adding storage isn’t an alternative to upsizing but is an option that many people choose to explore which can enable them to comfortably stay in their existing property whilst they find the right home to upsize to. With these clever solutions to create extra storage in the home, you could just extend the life of your house for a little while longer whilst you decide on your next move.

Declutter Before Storing

Before you even decide on adding storage, it is a good idea to spend some time decluttering to determine whether you need to keep the stuff you want to store. Read our advice on decluttering your home, here, before you take on the additional expense of adding storage to your home.

Use ALL Kitchen Wall Space

Have you ever wondered why kitchen cupboards don’t cover the whole wall? Yes, it’s awkward to reach the ceiling without a mini-step ladder but, let’s face it, who doesn’t need some help reaching the top shelf as it is?

above kitchen cabinet storage solution

Don’t waste valuable wall space in the kitchen. Fill in with extra cabinets. Image via Pinterest.

This clever but sensible idea maximises all of the kitchen wall space that you have meaning you store those infrequently used gadgets and special occasion items. You don’t need to spend a fortune remodeling your kitchen either; this tutorial gives some practical advice.

Box Clever

Boxes are a simple way to create storage space but can be ugly and take up floor space of their own. We’ve seen some ingenious ways that clients have made existing furniture into boxes to maximise the space. All it takes is some creative thinking around existing furniture to give you practical, hidden storage. Coffee tables and side tables in a living room are classic examples as are blanket boxes at the end of your bed.

You could go one better and opt for an ottoman bed frame which lifts the mattress up to reveal practical and easily accessible storage.

Convert Window Walls

Every room (usually) has at least four walls and it is common to find that one of these is underutilised for storage. The wall with a window can often present a problem in any room by limiting the choice of where you place furniture and is often the same wall that features a radiator. Traditionally, unless your window is a bay style and has a recessed storage area, window walls are ignored as potential storage areas.

We found this simple and stylish solution for this problem area that can help increase the storage in any room whilst also creating an amazing feature from your windows.

create storage with window seats

This clever window storage makes full use of the available wall space.

Adding full height storage to the sides of a window allows you to create a character window seat and gives the internal illusion of a traditional bay window. Not only does this add charm to your home and a focal point to a room but it creates an amazing amount of storage. And, if you have a radiator, you can always incorporate this with a purpose-built radiator cover to fit in place of a window seat.

Island Living

Plenty of kitchens offer a large central space that is perhaps too small to seat people at a dining table but that could be perfect for a kitchen island/breakfast bar. It won’t suit every space and you may need to tailor the idea to fit your requirements but consider the extra work surface and storage space you could achieve with an island. For extra flexibility, you could consider having it on wheels (make sure you choose or build an island that has brakes on the castors)

kitchen island storage solution

Kitchen islands needn’t cost the earth but offer excellent additional storage.

Sleep on It

The space under the bed is an often under-utilised area that gets crammed with suitcases and ineffective boxes and bags. Not only can they make the space messy looking but how easy is it to access these items when we need them?

Fortunately, help is at hand with these under-the-bed rolling drawers. If you are handy with DIY then you could always knock some of these up yourself at a low cost or they can be purchased at various retails stores such as Ikea.

under bed storage ideas

If you are handy with joinery then these under bed drawers are simple to knock up.

If you are running out of space in your home and are considering an upsize then contact Property Assistant. We can help maximise the value of your house on the market and find you the perfect home in budget as well as provide more practical advice on how to upsize in style. We’re waiting for your call today on 0118 912 2370.