Garden Focus: Autumn Makeovers

autumn garden focus sell your home

As the summer starts to wind down and the last of the good weather upon us (finally!), our attention is perhaps starting to wane from the garden as we move indoors. However, September is an ideal time to give your garden a makeover, whether you are looking to sell your home or simply put the outdoors to bed for the winter.

Of course, each autumn brings its own set of jobs and those green fingered home owners will know that the season is far from over. What we wanted to look at was ways to enhance your outside space to keep it pristine over winter, perhaps make it and ready for next year.

Tidy Away the Summer Clutter

Though we haven’t had as much call for it in August, all that summer paraphernalia should be tidied away and stored. Barbecues, patio furniture and swing ball sets should all be taken under cover and hidden out of sight. If you can do this with a storage shed, garage of even with custom tarpaulin then do it before the weather turns. Not only will storing these items prolong their life but it will declutter the garden.

de clutter your garden before selling your home

The summer can bring lots of clutter to a garden so make sure you store the toys away. Image via Flickr.

Strike While the Iron is Hot

If you spent much time in the garden this year then now is a good time to reflect on what did and didn’t work with your planting, landscaping and other areas of this space. It’s best to make a note now whilst the memories are fresh in your mind rather than wait until Spring when you may have forgotten what it was that you meant to do.

Is one area of your lawn becoming patchy and in need of some paving? Are some plants getting scorched because they lack shade? Do any large trees create too much shade and need trimming?

Plan Ahead

Once you have a list of things that need changing, then plan ahead as certain plants prefer pruning at different times of year; others may not tolerate being moved until the spring. Anything that requires ground work would be best undertaken before the frosts are upon us.

Early to Bed

Winter bedding plants can bring some much-needed colour to the garden once the weather turns and the nights start to draw in. Buying bedding plants in the early autumn is much cheaper than leaving them until the last minute. Planting them now will also save you some cold fingers and allow them time to bed in.

winter bedding tidy garden sell your home

Planning your winter planting now can boost the appeal of your garden. Image via Wikipedia.

Keep on Top of Maintenance

Mowing the lawn may become harder as it becomes wet so keeping up with the rate of growth is essential to avoid having to make do with an overgrown lawn until Spring. Once the ground becomes too sodden to mow, you can always continue to edge the lawn to keep this neat and tidy.  Don’t forget to rake leaves at least once a week to avoid having a bigger job later on. Leaves left to rot look a real mess and are much harder to collect later in the season.

Don’t Give up Too Soon

Though all this talk of winter preparation may mean we’ve given up on the garden; don’t! The autumn can bring some mild nights and you can easily take this opportunity to upgrade your outdoor area to welcome the autumn September nights. Investing in a chimenea or stylish patio heater can extend those summer evenings. Late summer plants like chrysanthemums, cyclamen, ornamental greens and flowering heathers can all be put in pots to really keep the summer vibes going.

Think About Light

As the long days turn into long nights, the use of clever lighting in the garden can accentuate your best garden features. If you are thinking of selling your home then it might well be that your viewings will take place in the evening. If this is the case then your garden won’t shine. Effective lighting can be easily achieved with some quality solar lighting or at a relatively low cost with the help of a local electrician. Practical lighting can be combined with more subtle decorative lighting to really enhance things like decks, ponds, landscaping and ornamental areas of the garden.

decorative garden lighting to sell your home

Decorative garden lighting can boost the appeal of your garden in the winter months. Image via Flickr.

At Property Assistant, we often find that the garden can become a neglected but much valued area of a property sale when the Autumn comes around. It pays to help your buyers visualise just how useable and welcoming this space can be by keeping it well-maintained, tidy and ‘dressed to impress’.

If you are thinking of bringing your property to market this Autumn then let us give you a free appraisal of how your garden stands up by contacting us on 0118 912 2370.

Featured image via Flickr.