Six top performing schools in the Thames Valley

Wokingham top schools

When it comes to choosing an area to live, education is one of the principle concerns of any family or young couple. With a dense population, schools in the Thames Valley are usually over-subscribed with catchment areas playing a huge part of the intake process. We know of many couples who select a home owing to its proximity to the local schools even before they have children.

The Thames Valley is commonly regarded as the stretch of the ‘M4 corridor’ that runs east towards London following both the M4 and the River Thames from the Swindon area. It incorporates Oxford, Reading, Basingstoke, Newbury, Wokingham, Bracknell and Slough.

With Wokingham, Reading and Bracknell at the heart of the Thames Valley, we look at the top six performing secondary and primary schools in this area using the government’s new ‘Attainment/Progress 8’ league tables.

Kendrick School top thames valley education

The Kendrick School, Reading is one of the best schools in the Thames Valley. Image credit Roger Templeman via WikiCommons.

Secondary Schools

How is performance measured under the new Attainment/Progress 8 system?

Previous school league tables used a principle measurement at KS4 for results achieved at GCSE (or equivalent) in just five subjects including English & Maths. Felt by most head teachers to be an unfair measurement of how well a school was performing in a broader sense, a new system was introduced in 2017.

Attainment 8: Thames Valley Schools

The Attainment 8 system (for measuring results in a secondary school) takes into account the results across all subjects with English and Maths counting for double points. The maximum score for a school under the Attainment 8 system is 80.

Progress 8: Thames Valley Schools

Progress 8 is a measure of how well a school is performing to advance the skills of pupils from KS3 intake to KS4 results. It is monitored using a number from -1 (well below average) to 1 (well above average) with 0 being average. The number itself is widely acknowledged as abstract but it is the bandings which should prove useful for parents looking to identify those schools who are capable of extending their children the most.

The new system was brought in as a result of the criticisms that schools who were lucky enough to receive an intake of pupils who were already bright would need to do little to achieve good results from them. This new system is a measure of just how much progress each school can offer the average student.

Wokingham top schools

Wokingham has an excellent reputation for its good schools. Image credit Tom Bastin via Flickr.

Best performing secondary schools Thames Valley: 2017

Both Wokingham and Reading have an excellent reputation for the overall quality of education provided amongst its state funded schools with several regularly appearing in the national league tables. These are the top six performing schools in the area using the most recent attainment data 2015/2016):

School Name Closest Town Progress 8 Attainment 8 Score

(out of 80)

Grade C+ (English/Maths)
National average: All State Funded Schools 49.9 63%
Reading School Reading Well Above Average 76.9 100%
The Kendrick Reading Well Above Average 76.4 100%
The Marist Ascot Well Above Average 69.0 97%
Ranelagh Bracknell Well Above Average 60.9 87%
The Holt Wokingham Well Above Average 60.9 86%
The Piggott Wokingham Well Above Average 58.9 83%

Primary Schools

Using the new ‘Scaled’ scoring system, the league tables for primary schools focuses on the three key areas for achievement at KS2; reading, writing and maths. Categorised in two separate scores, a school is graded using a % of those pupils meeting the expected standard and those achieving a higher standard.

Best performing primary schools Thames Valley: 2017

The Thames Valley, particularly Bracknell, Wokingham and Reading have a high proportion of primary schools achieving above the national average in both expected and higher standards of reading, writing and maths.

best wokingham schools

Farley Hill Primary School is Wokingham’s best performing primary school. Image via website.

These are the top six performing primary schools in the Thames Valley using the most recent data:

School Name Closest Town % Meeting expected standard % Achieving higher standard
National average: All State Funded Schools 53% 5%
Churchend Reading 28% 79%
Caversham Reading 22% 78%
Aldryngton Earley 22% 83%
Crazies Hill Henley 70% 20%
St Margaret Clitherow Bracknell 79% 18%
Farley Hill Wokingham 79% 17%


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